The #1 Reason People Leave A Job


What is the #1 reason people leave a job? If you think it’s money that’s 6th on list. So what’s number 1? Drum roll please … Lack of appreciation.

Yes, it may seem insignificant but in exit interviews this is the most sited reason for leaving – no one recognized my contribution.

Why? There is a direct connection between people’s self-esteem and their happiness. If I feel unvalued I feel depressed. If I feel depressed I want to leave. But appreciation doesn’t just make them want to stay, it boosts their performance.

Cornel university psychologists did a beautiful experiment on a group of doctors. Before going in to do a diagnosis for liver cirrhosis half the doctors got a token of appreciation – something small to thank them for doing a great job. The other group got nothing. The ones who got the thank you gift, made their diagnosis nearly twice as fast. They were also nearly 20% more accurate.

Appreciation comes in small ways it’s a smile, a thank you, a hand written note. The best way to ensure our customers are treated as kings is for us to treat one another that way.

If you want more from them give them more … love!


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