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With a combination of cutting edge research, humor, entertaining stories and practical take-home tools, Justin will inspire your people to realize their potential. Justin will meet you for a pre-event briefing so he can get to know you and your team and customise his acclaimed content to meet your objectives.

With four books and seven audiobooks, Justin has a range of programs covering motivation, sales, service and leadership. Each program can be presented as a high-impact keynote presentation, or a half or full day training session. Download Justin Cohen’s Profile

Your work ethic and extra effort to make your message special for each group was highly commendable. Your 94% rating confirms that your talk was the highlight of the conventions.
Leon Lourens, MD Pep Stores (Largest retailer in Africa)

Justin really made his presentation relevant to our organisation. This was the best guest speaker engagement we’ve had in ten years.
Dirk Eksteen, Executive Director, Bytes Managed Solutions

His most popular programs are:

Justin Cohen is the most informative, entertaining and inspiring speaker I’ve seen. He is the key reason that this year’s convention was rated the best in our chapter’s history.
President, American Society for Training & Development, HOI, USA

Justin is also a sought after emcee and facilitator.

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There is no such thing as success without successful relationships. According to the Grant study at Harvard, the longest longitudinal study of all time, the single most important factor in happiness and success is the strength of our relationships. Social skills are the most important skills we can build. Justin Cohen shares powerful insights to build long lasting relationsips to help you sell, serve and lead. You will discover:


  • How to motivate people to do what needs to be done.
  • Prevent and resolve
  • Inspire people to realize their full potential.
  • Nelson Mandela’s three-step ESP charisma method to create instant rapport – which Justin experienced first-hand!
  • Why it’s better to over-communicate than under-communicate.
  • How exceeding expectations in little ways produces big results


With a combination of cutting-edge research, humour, entertaining stories and practical take-home tools, Justin will help you win at relationship!


“Justin really made his presentation relevant to our organization. This was the best guest speaker engagement we’ve had in ten years.” Dirk Eksteen, Executive Director, Bytes Managed Solutions


“Justin Cohen is the most informative, entertaining and inspiring speaker that I’ve seen. He is one of the key reasons that this year’s annual convention was rated the best in our history. I would highly recommend him to anyone, anywhere.” – Dave Goranson, President, American Society for Training and Development, USA

“More than just relationships, this is a ‘tour de force’ on leadership.”

Eric Peacock, Director, Academy of Chief Executives, UNITED KINGDOM


Being the best doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the business having the best pitch does. Whether you’re looking for clients, employees or investors everyone needs to know how to pitch their products, services or ideas. Studies show that the number one factor in B2B buying behaviour is the skills of the person making the pitch.

Bestselling author, Justin Cohen’s 6-Step TTOPPS Formula has been credited with doubling the sales of some companies. With a combination of cutting edge research, humor, entertaining stories and practical take-home tools Justin will show you how to pitch to win!

In Pitch To Win you will discover:

  • The number one reason they chose one pitch over another.
  • How to win without being salesy and by living your purpose.
  • The mindset of people who win the most pitches.
  • How to reduce nervousness and develop “big pitch temperament.”
  • Step by step guide to creating and delivering a winning pitch script.
  • The internationally acclaimed 6 step TTOPPS formula. (View lower down)

“A brilliant program for bringing in new business.” – Nadia Bilchik, CNN

“I’m not sure our auditors have ever got applause after delivering a pitch but that’s what happened after applying Justin’s method, winning one of our most important deals of the year.” –  Ajen Sita, CEO, EY

“Thanks to you we floored our competitor ten – nil! Before we started the Pitch to Win process we had 40 members, in less than two weeks we now have 200. Your touch on our company has been priceless.” – Shiru Githiomi, CEO, Bimanet

“Pitch to Win transformed our message and delivery playing a crucial role in our winning this competition.” – Julian Kyula, Winner, IBM Global Entrepreneur of The Year

Justin Cohen is one of the world’s leading experts on pitching for business. He’s coached people who have never pitched before to win some of the toughest multi-million dollar deals. Entrepreneurs hire him when they have to secure venture capital funding. Applying his methods, many of his clients have exponentially increased their sales. In Pitch to Win, bestselling author and international speaker Justin Cohen shares his best kept secrets.




Those who listen best win.

Discover a three-step power listening process that identifies the problem, creates instant rapport and accesses the necessary information to deliver a winning pitch.

A Pitch isn’t won by one.

Learn to create a cohesive team that reduces stress and conflict, enabling you to perform at your peak.

The #1 psychological driver of top sales people. – Prof. Martin Seligman

Discover why optimism is critical for success in sales, and get a rational optimism technique that builds resilience so that you can bounce back after any setback.

People don’t remember what you say, they remember how you say it.

Over 50% of the impact of a communication comes from your non-verbal communication. Enhance your body language, vocal power, facial expression and gestures so that you present the best version of your authentic self. Learn how to use a winning combination of confident and humble communication. Crush nervousness and develop “Big Pitch Temperament.”

People don’t buy what you’re pitching, they buy why you’re pitching it.

According to Wharton Business School, purpose driven missionaries sell 50% more than self interest focused mercenaries. Discover your purpose and learn to match your purpose with theirs.

They forget the facts long before they forget the stories.

You won’t just learn how to create stories that sell, you’ll discover the power of
metaphors, slogans, humour and persuasive language patterns. You’ll learn to
create an opening that grabs them from the start, and a closing that makes you
unforgettable. Finally, find out how to close the deal on Q&A.

Pitch to Win can be delivered as a keynote presentation, training program
or pitch specific coaching.

‘Looking for the bible of pitching? This is it.’
Andile Khumalo, CEO, MSG Afrika



What are the psychological drivers of success? A Harvard study found only one key factor present in the star performers in sport, business, art and science –motivation. The problem is, for most people motivation is like a hot bath – it goes cold quickly! The Psychology of Success, won’t motivate your people, rather it will provide the psychological tools for self-motivation to raise their performance. Email: for a one-page overview of this presentation.

Justin is one of the most engaging and entertaining master teachers you’ll ever learn from.
Marc Kahn, Head of HR and Organisation Development, Investec Global

Justin is much more than a motivational speaker. He is informative and provides practical suggestions that go beyond short-term motivational hype.
Maxine Van Der Vyver, Senior Advertising Manager, Media 24



Taking the audience on an inspirational journey, Justin Cohen shows how stories have driven the explosive speed of human progress and how we can use them to drive our own. If you want to grow an organisational culture, boost innovation, share knowledge, sell a product or lead a team you need to use the oldest and most powerful tool of progress, you need to tell and share stories. Finally there are the stories we tell ourselves, these are the source of our success or failure. Email: for a one-page overview of this presentation.

I never realized how powerful story is. This is going to have a big impact on our business.
Mark Finlayson, MD, Direct Axis

Awesome! Such simplicity and so profound … now we need to go and tell our Mini Story.
Karen Valle, General Manager: MINI at BMW South Africa



Winning in sales, service or leadership depends on knowing how to get along with people. There is no such thing as success without successful relationships The road to gold is lined by people. No wonder studies report that as much as 80% of success in business depends on our social skills. In a high-tech world, relationships count more than ever. Whether you want to bond with your clients, staff, or team members this program will show you how. Email: for a one-page overview of this presentation.

Brilliant presentation! You had 800 dentists and dental hygienists in the palm of your hand.
Dr Dave Herr, NOMADS, Annual Dental Conference

That was one of the best presentations I have ever seen!
Andrew Horton, JHB Chamber of Commerce



Leadership of others starts with leadership of self. Research shows that self-mastery predicts over 60% of leadership success. The essence of self-mastery is the ability to motivate yourself. The essence of leadership is the ability to motivate others. In this program, developed by Justin Cohen for the Academy for Chief Executives in the United Kingdom, your people will acquire the tools to do both. There are six core modules. Email: for a one-page overview of this presentation.

Thank you for a great day filled with gems that you can apply not just at work but at home too.
Moira Moses, Group Executive: Transnet Capital Projects

That was fantastic, thank you so much, it was packed with valuable insight. Just what we needed.
Lloyd Mitchell,CEO, Nature’s Choice Products


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Less than 5% of people have clear, written, time-framed goals. These people tend to perform significantly better in fields as diverse as sport and business. Goals are the vision around which great organisations rally. Yet a study by the Franklin Covey institute shows that just 15% of people can identify their company’s top goals. Setting and Scoring Goals will give your team the tools to turn their goals into reality. Email: for a one-page overview of this presentation.

Your message has deeply inspired me, my family and my team. Thank you.
Sandi Macfee, Director Revenue Management, Southern Sun Hotels

I loved the way you brought our message into your presentation. Now that I’ve seen you I definitely want to use you again.
Head of StorageWorks, HP, South Africa



Optimistic sales people sell on average 56% more product than their pessimistic counterparts. This presentation will give your people the tools to develop this essential ingredient of sales success. Email: for a one-page overview of this presentation.

After Justin came to speak to the optometrists, turnover has doubled.
Tanya Peche, Sales Manager, EDCON

Justin delivered a powerful message that will have a long lasting effect on our people. We are experiencing early returns on our investment with a clear increase in sales numbers.
Head of Raymond O’Neil, MD, HSBC MIDDLE EAST



In addition to being an international speaker and author, Justin regularly emcees events. He thoroughly researches your organization and objectives. As an experienced television talk show host, where applicable, he will interview key people so that they don’t need to do presentations.

At award ceremonies Justin frequently interviews the winners to find out their success strategies. As the author of “The Astonishing Power of Story”, if relevant, Justin will script powerful stories about each of the winners, giving the audience an opportunity to find out how they achieved what they did and ultimately model their success. This turns the event into an opportunity for inspiration and learning.

Justin brings his extensive experience as a motivational speaker, interspersing the presentations with entertaining and inspiring snippets of insight.

We could not have asked for a more professional emcee for the evening to host our gala dinner and awards ceremony. You successfully made each of the winners feel like stars!
Senior Manager, Sales & Distribution, HSBC Bank, Middle East

You are without a doubt the best Master of Ceremonies I have seen in action anywhere in my life. Your research done on the background and history of our company and attention to the detail of the specific function is highly commendable. You ‘acted’ as if you were part of RealNet Holdings for many years.
Tjaart van der Walt, CEO, REALNET HOLDINGS

It was the best award ceremony I have ever been to! Justin researched each of the nominees making it personal and very funny.
Charles Fairweather, CEO, DAWN WING COURIERS


Justin facilitates strategy sessions and events. Where applicable he will energize your conference with the power of story. In smaller groups, each person will tell a story about how they or someone they’ve seen has lived a value, delighted a customer, or demonstrated a key focus area of the conference. Each group will vote on the best story, which will then be shared with the rest of the delegates. That shifts a conference from a data download from a few presenters, to all round participation. Inevitably there are funny, moving and uplifting stories, keeping participants entertained and inspired. Best of all, everyone gets to see the moments of magic that are happening in their organisation every day, and how they can emulate those great models of success.

Your ability to extract the key messages from each of the speaker’s presentations reinforced the conference theme of “getting connected” as well as our key focus areas for the year ahead. By inspiring and motivating the team throughout the day you have set the HSBC MEFCO team up for success!
Senior Manager, Sales & Distribution, HSBC Bank, Middle East

Justin provided us with great facilitation.
Andre Lamprecht, CEO, Barloworld Coatings

I know we said a million thanks to you before departure, however officially let me say THANK YOU on behalf of all of the Sure Travel members who attended the conference. You were brilliant! A very big part of the success was your skillful facilitation and enlightening insights which made the program very interesting from start to the WOW ending.
Vanya Lessing, CEO, Sure Travel

Justin has the rare talent of combining humour, wisdom and business acumen in such a manner that it leaves the audience rejuvenated, motivated and ready to accept life’s challenges.
Koos Engelbrecht, General Manager: Human Resources, BKB Ltd

Okay, now I see that all those testimonials on your website are actually true!
Gert Ludick, MD, Track Engineering, Transnet

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