Keynote Presentation-Bounce Forward Better

Bounce Forward Better!

Covid put rocket boosters on the future. We no longer live in a physical world. We no longer live in a digital world. We live in a ‘Phygital world.’ A hybrid of physical and digital connection and communication. This presents great challenges and opportunities. In this presentation, bestselling author and global speaker, Justin Cohen, shares five ‘P’s’ to bouncing forward even better than we were before.



Things may change but service will never go out of fashion. Purpose drives motivation, emotional wellbeing and performance. One year or a thousand years from now the winners will be driven by a mission to serve. Justin will help you get clear about your purpose.


Change tends to make us negative, particularly during turbulent times. Learn how to overcome the human ‘negativity bias’ by identifying the incredible opportunities in this new ‘Phygital’ world. The future will be owned by the optimists.


There is no such thing as success without successful relationships. During stressful times we need to lean on one another more than even before. Justin will share practical tools to leverage the power of your personal and business relationships.


In a world of Zoom meetings we have become even more sedentary. This negatively effects both our physical and mental health. Discover ways to incorporate movement throughout the day even in those digital meetings, to increase vitality, connection and creativity.


With stress and anxiety higher than ever before, discover how to be in the moment, mindfully and with joy, increasing the quality of connection with team members and clients.


Feedback on this presentation

“The staff loved your message and you were really inspirational.  You also really internalised our business environment and brought that understanding into your talk – something I’ve found many speakers unable to do.” – Jill Bachan, Head of Communication, Old Mutual


“I had goose bumps listening to your presentation, you hit the nail right on its head. This will linger in our minds for a very long time to come. You are simply the best.” – Bongile Jafta, Regional Head Liberty Life


“That was riveting. I gave you quite a brief: Be motivational, inspiring, fun and provide practical tools to help us through this period. You did all that and more. Thank you!” – Jacinta Pather, Executive, Customer Audit, Nedbank


Justin Cohen is a bestselling author and global speaker. He hosted a CNBC Africa personal development television talk show where he interviewed some of the world’s leading experts on success. Along with Harvard Professor, Matt Killingsworth, he was the positive psychology expert on the Joy takes you further global happiness campaign. Justin is a doctoral candidate at Middlesex University in London and is the host and transformational coach on MNET’s The Single Wives.