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How to Be Happier Than A Lottery Winner

Lotto winners get a big boost in happiness but it fades quickly. There is something else that sustains happiness for far longer.

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A study of 70 top European Organisations shows that that the 10th reason they chose a pitch is the paper proposal. That’s not to say the paper proposal is not important but most people are neglecting the #1 reason. I share it at the biggest sales conference in Europe.

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We are in the most unprecedented change in the history of human kind. The pace of change is no longer linear with current computing power it is now exponential. What does that mean in reality? If you were to take 30 linear steps you would get to 30. The number … Read More

In Norway they have a saying: “There is no such thing as bad weather. Just bad clothing.” The 4th industrial revolution is decimating jobs. I explain why that’s a good thing to the leadership of De Beers Diamond Leadership.

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There are two kinds of futurists, those who don’t know and those who know they don’t know! There is something far more important than knowing the future. I share it in this presentation to the leadership of De Beers Diamond leadership.

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A Wharton Business School study has found one key difference that marks the best sales people from the rest. It all comes down to the meaning of the word sell. It comes from an old English word, “sellan” and it goes to the heart of what it takes to be … Read More


Everyone is in sales. Any time we influence anyone to do anything we are selling them on a course of action. I shared the #1 attribute of top sales people in London recently. The good news is that we can all develop it.

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