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This is how many people suffer anxiety

If you’re feeling anxious, you’re not alone.
Two thirds of people say that they feel anxious about something in their lives. One third will develop a full-blown anxiety disorder. Millennials are coming out … Read More

The dangerous myth about goal setting

In 1979 researchers asked Harvard MBA graduates about their goals. 84% had no specific goals, 13% had goals but they weren’t committed to paper. Just 3% had clear, written goals with plans to achieve them.

In … Read More

How to tell a liarThe four Give-Aways Lying takes mental effort. It’s harder to remember made up facts than real ones. According to University of Texas researchers, that can give you four clues to tell if someone is lying. 1) … Read More

A bad way to motivate your kids (and yourself!)

The best form of motivation
So, you want to encourage your kids to develop a love reading. What do you do?

Give them a gold star after they’ve read for ten minutes … Read More

This One Thing Doubles Weight Loss

When it comes to losing weight the exact program you’re on is less important than this one thing.

Researchers from Kaiser Permanente’s Center for Health Research put 1 600 people on a weight loss program. Half … Read More

The Common Habit Linked to an Unhappier Life

What we need to stop doing to be happy
Have you noticed, this is life: you’re either in a problem, emerging from a problem or about to go into a problem! Sh*t … Read More

How to tell a narcissist in under 30 Seconds

The 1 Question Diagnosis of Narcissism.
What does the narcissist say when he’s finished speaking? Now it’s your turn to speak … about me. When Narcissus saw his reflection … Read More

  Double Your Confidence in Three Seconds

The most attractive thing you can wear is confidence.
Deep confidence is based on competence and belief. You’ve got to be competent in a skill to be confident that you will … Read More

  The Common Habit that Causes Anxiety

The thinking style of the anxious
Some people think that worrying helps them solve problems. A study from Yale University has found that that’s just not true. Women who worry a … Read More

  How to get people to choose you.

This is what winners do
One of the keys to winning in life is knowing how to get people to choose you. Or at least your product, service or idea.

The … Read More