Level 5 leadership

You can accomplish anything in life, provided you do not mind who gets the credit. Harry Truman     In his research for his best-selling book, ‘Good to Great’, Jim Collins found only 11 companies that made the leap from good to great results and sustained these results for at least 15 years. One ... Read More
August 19, 2010Justin



What’s your everest?

It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves. Sir Edmund Hillary   As a conference speaker some of my colleagues have climbed Mount Everest. I have begun to see their journey as a metaphor for us all. If Everest was a walk-in-the-park no one would bother. It’s because it’s such an awe-inspiring ... Read More
July 20, 2010Justin


You communicate, you communicate and then you communicate some more. Consistency, simplicity, and repetition is what it’s all about. Jack Welch   When Jack Welch, voted Manager of the Century, said those words, he was talking about what makes effective leadership. To get and keep everyone on the same page, you need continuous ... Read More
July 12, 2010Justin


 A man must sit with his mouth open for a very long time before a roast chicken flies into it. Chinese Proverb   Your life is the consequence of the actions you take. Of course your actions don’t always produce the result you want.   Sometimes it’s just not meant to be. But most of ... Read More
June 20, 2010Justin



The state of your heart

It’s the state of your heart that makes you smart. Buddhadda   Treating others with love and respect may be the most intelligent action we can take. Not only does it contribute to world peace it is the route to inner peace. Disregarding, disrespecting, ‘dissing’ others in any way is just plain dumb.  ... Read More
June 10, 2010Justin


Yesterday is not ours to recover but tomorrow is ours to win or to lose. Lyndon Johnson   While you’ve got to have a plan, life doesn’t always stick to it. Even when life delivers, we may mess it up. I’ve got two words for you:   move on! Yes, its important to learn from ... Read More
May 20, 2010Justin




My life changed when I realized a man would risk his life for a blue ribbon. Napoleon   A study set out to find the number one reason that a person would decide they no longer wanted to work in a company. I got to admit I thought the reason would be money. ... Read More
May 16, 2010Justin



Just words?

In the beginning there was the word Bible   During this year’s American Presidential primary, the Clinton Campaign charged that Barak Obama’s candidacy was based on just eloquent words. This is how he responded:   “… ‘I have a dream!’ Just words. ‘We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created ... Read More
April 20, 2010Justin




When written in Chinese the word crisis is composed of two characters. One represents danger, the other represents opportunity. John F Kennedy   One thing that always used to puzzle me is how we as human beings could allow ourselves to regress into deeper and deeper states of dilapidation without doing anything about ... Read More
March 27, 2010Justin




To most people listening means waiting for their turn to speak.   Justin Cohen    One of the most powerful ways to tell someone how much you appreciate them is not to tell them but instead to listen, really listen. People love the sound of their own voice, when you listen with appreciative interest ... Read More
March 20, 2010Justin