Pitch to Win

The Acclaimed 6-step Formula Winning More Deals Than Anything Before.

Trounce the competition! Discover the formula even rookie sales people are using to double their sales, and one of the most experienced and successful pitchmen, Niel Malan, is calling: “The most powerful system to create and deliver a winning pitch I have ever seen.”

If you’re a small business owner or corporate professional who has to pitch your services to new clients, an entrepreneur pitching for funding, or a sales person after the next deal, this is for you. If you’re pitching yourself for a great new job or if you are a leader who needs to present to a team to win them over to your vision, you’re going to love this. In fact, the tools you will learn here will massively increase your powers of persuasion both in life and in business.

No wonder that legendary investor, Warren Buffett, once told a class of business students he would pay $100 000 for 10% of their future earnings but that if they were great presenters he would raise his bid by 50%.

Justin Cohen



The Pitch to Win Master Academy will give you all the skills you need to create and deliver a winning pitch. You will get a step-by-step guide on how to implement the TTOPPS method, the six keys that I have used to help individuals and organisations win multi-million dollar deals.

Whether you’re looking for customers, employees or investors this program will enable you to pitch just about anything to anyone. People have used this system to win their dream job. Organisations have applied it to double their sales. My students have even told me that they’ve become more persuasive with their their kids, their friends, their families.

In the Pitch to Win Master Academy you will:

  • Learn the presentation skills that every great speaker has to have.
  • Apply the six keys to deliver your own winning pitch
  • Coach yourself and others to success with a proven coaching formula
  • Implement a step-by-step formula to create a winning pitch script.
  • AND so much more!

I’ve attended more programs than I care to remember – the good, the bad and the boring!
The biggest mistake with most programs is that they’re classroom style learning. You can’t learn to present, persuade and close a deal by sitting behind a desk writing notes. You become a great presenter by presenting! You become a greater persuader by persuading! You become a great closer by closing!

In this program you will film yourself and use a coaching checklist so that you can immediately see how to build on your strengths and fix your blocks to greatness. The great thing about doing it like this is you actually learn to become an effective coach, not just of yourself but of others too.

In addition to the Pitch to Win Master Academy you also get multiple bonuses including:


Perhaps you’ve got a pitch coming up real soon and don’t immediately have time to go through the full program. P2W Fast-track is a one-hour video that will immediately enable you to raise your game at your next pitch.

It doesn’t replace the full program and we strongly suggest you still find the time to do the in-depth training but this is great if you quickly need to get yourself performance-ready for a pitch.

In fact, if you do the full training and don’t pitch for a few months, this is a great refresher. When organisations bring me in to coach them for a last minute pitch they pay as much as they do for the intensive program because it’s so urgent that they get it right.


What if you’ve got a fear of public speaking? I’ve seen people with a great pitch crash and burn under the pressure of a live pitch. I don’t want that to happen to you.

The Big Pitch Temperament Formula is a scientifically proven method to ensure that when your big day arrives you aren’t just calm, you’re in the zone delivering your absolute best!

This bonus is worth as much as the full program because you can have the perfect pitch but if you can’t control your nervousness and you croak, even the best pitch will be worth nothing.

I have a post graduate degree in Psychology. I’ve taught extensively on the science of stress so you’re going to be getting the cutting edge on reducing your fear and nervousness.


In the work that I do with leading international organisations I got my hands on a report of why 70 top multinational companies chose one pitch over another.

There are ten reasons in order and they are fascinating. In this video I go through each reason so you can make sure you tick it off. I’ll also give you a checklist so you can easily refer back through your pitch preparation. What would knowing the ten top reasons most people choose one pitch over another be worth to you? In this bonus you’re going to find out.


Now what if you’re thinking, this all sounds great but I need prospects to pitch to. How do you find new clients, how do you bring new deals to the table?

My friend Niel Malan is one of the world leaders in Facebook Marketing he runs a $1 000 program that I have personally used to build my own business.

I have managed to secure a limited number of these programs at a special price. Sign up and you’re going to get one of the most powerful lead generation tools on the planet. The reason you are reading this is because I used Niel’s formula to get you here. If you want to discover how you can do the same sign up now and you get the Facebook Marketing Academy.


I want to make sure this is the best educational investment you ever make in yourself so I’m going to give you another bonus.

If you sign up now you can bring in a friend or colleague for free. The reason I’m doing this is that I want you to succeed and I know that it helps to have an accountability partner. Of course you can give it to who ever you want. This could be one of the most empowering gifts you ever give – giving someone the tools to present, persuade and close deals.


People often ask me if I will personally take a look at their pitch. Obviously I just don’t have the time to do this for everyone. I can only do it for five people a month. If you are one of them here is how it works. Apply what I teach you on the program. Take a week to implement and then send me a video of your pitch and I will personally review it and give you directions for improvement.


“Thanks to you we floored our competitor ten – nil! Before we started the Pitch to Win process we had 40 members, in less than two weeks we now have 200. Your touch on our company has been priceless.”
– Shiru Githiomi, CEO, Bimanet

“We won a major pitch with the Auditor General, without having gone through this program our guys don’t believe they could have done it.”
– Neli Dhlamini, Head Private Banking, Standard Bank

“Justin played an amazing role in making this happen we are very excited to attribute a part of our win to the transformation he gave us in our message delivery.”
– Julian Kyula, Winner, IBM Global Entrepreneur of the year

“Justin coached our team to win one of our most important pitches. That’s why we have him developing a pitch to win methodology for the organisation.”
– Martin Walbeck, Head of Business Development, EY

About Justin Cohen

He is one of the world’s leading experts on pitching for business. He’s coached people who have never pitched before to win some of the toughest multi-million dollar deals. Entrepreneurs hire him when they have to secure massive venture capital funding. Major blue chip companies pay him thousands of dollars to share the secrets that have doubled their sales. Now, bestselling author and CNBC Africa talk show host, Justin Cohen, is going to teach you his best kept secrets.

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