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Click here to get your ticket: Real Connection Live Online Summit

A study of 70 top European Organisations shows that that the 10th reason they chose a pitch is the paper proposal. That’s not to say the paper proposal is not important but most people are neglecting the #1 reason. I share it at the biggest sales conference in Europe.

“I’m not … Read More

We are in the most unprecedented change in the history of human kind. The pace of change is no longer linear with current computing power it is now exponential. What does that mean in reality? If you were to take 30 linear steps you would get to 30. The number … Read More

In Norway they have a saying: “There is no such thing as bad weather. Just bad clothing.” The 4th industrial revolution is decimating jobs. I explain why that’s a good thing to the leadership of De Beers Diamond Leadership.

“Your presentation was extremely informative and the feedback from was extremely positive. … Read More


There are two kinds of futurists, those who don’t know and those who know they don’t know! There is something far more important than knowing the future. I share it in this presentation to the leadership of De Beers Diamond leadership.

“You shared a very powerful message that we will be … Read More

A Wharton Business School study has found one key difference that marks the best sales people from the rest. It all comes down to the meaning of the word sell. It comes from an old English word, “sellan” and it goes to the heart of what it takes to be … Read More


Everyone is in sales. Any time we influence anyone to do anything we are selling them on a course of action. I shared the #1 attribute of top sales people in London recently. The good news is that we can all develop it.

“Justin delivered a powerful message that will have a … Read More

The biggest mistake we make in pitching has nothing to do with what we say. Rather it’s what we fail to do before we start pitching. I shared this at the biggest sales conference in the UK.

Have you ever been convinced that you had the best offering? Yet you lost the deal to a competitor offering less value at a higher price? That happened to me a lot. I struggled for years to close deals.

I remember the … Read More

“We regret to inform you.” Don’t you hate those words? I used to hear them all the time. It’s the key reason that people say they hate sales.

According to the department of labor statistics one in nine people is a sales … Read More

Looking for an emcee for your next event? My friend and colleague Rick Alan is probably the best in the country.
Check out this incredible resume: RICK ALAN – MC / PRESENTER PROFILE

“Rick is an unbelievable talent and an announcer par excellence. His work … Read More


So you’ve got a conference coming up and you need to hire a speaker. How can you be sure you’re getting the right person for the job? Drawing on my twenty years in … Read More

One of thee most exciting interviews I’ve ever had the privilege to do. Robert Kiyosaki is author of the bestselling personal finance book of all time.

Discover what the rich know about money that the poor don’t. … Read More

Gurus has launched on CNBC Africa. Now you can watch back episodes right now!

Episode 1 – Rene Carayol has helped Bill Clinton, David Cameron and Richard Branson unleash their strengths. He is going to give you a winning formula so that you can … Read More

One of the biggest barriers to success is thinking that the world owes us, that we are entitled. Entitled because we are: white or black,  young or old, male or female, disadvantaged or privileged, educated or uneducated.

Siphiwe Moyo is more than a speaker and author. … Read More

This week I interview Rene Carayol on Gurus, CNBC Africa.

Rene has helped Bill Clinton, David Cameron and Richard Branson unleash their strengths. Now he’s going to help us the same.

Talking to Rene reminded me … Read More

I’m excited to announce the premier of my television show on CBNC Africa. It’s called Gurus. Here is the official press release:

“When the world looks to unlock it’s … Read More

This month you can catch me featured in Entrepreneur Magazine. Read the article here.

The truth about unemployment figures in South Africa may shock you. Watch the video. Or read the article…

The biggest thing stopping us from getting what we want – that is directly … Read More

The life of an entrepreneur is unpredictable. There will be ups, there will be downs. While you can’t always control what happens, you can choose how your respond.
[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Justin Cohen_Entrepreneur January 2017″]

What is the #1 reason people leave a job? If you think it’s money that’s 6th on list. So what’s number 1? Drum roll please … Lack of appreciation.

Yes, it may seem insignificant but in exit interviews this is the most sited reason for leaving – … Read More

If you wanted to create a brilliant artwork, business deal or invention do you think you’d be better off spending an extensive period of time on one creation or spending all that time on many?

Bayles and Orland tell the story of ceramics teacher who graded half … Read More

I usually don’t talk much about the future. That’s because there are two kinds of futurists, those who don’t know and those who know they don’t know! But finally I can see that something extraordinary is happening today which is providing a clearer picture of tomorrow. If we don’t face … Read More

I offered three people their perfect life … they turned it down! Find out why.

Do Affirmations Work?

Can a word or phrase change your emotional state? “Irritation, frustration, hatred, revenge, rage, disease, death.” How are you feeling? Now listen to this: “Love, beauty, kindness, joy, wonder, calm, happiness.” Feeling different? Probably. Words don’t just change the way … Read More


In 1979 researchers asked Harvard MBA graduates about their goals. 84% had no specific goals, 13% had goals but they weren’t committed to paper. Just 3% had clear, written goals with plans to achieve them. In 1989, the reviewers interviewed … Read More

Why some people don’t feel stress

Researchers at Harvard gave people a social stress test. Kelly McGonagall explains it likes this: Imagine you’ve got to give a five-minute impromptu speech on your weaknesses to a panel of experts who roll their eyes every time you stutter. Now they make you count … Read More

Research by Nobel-winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman found that increasing income level does increase happiness but only up until about $75 000. After that more money just brings … more money!

But even under $75 000, money is not nearly as important as … Read More


When it comes to losing weight the exact program you’re on is less important than this one thing.

Researchers from Kaiser Permanente’s Center for Health Research put 1 600 people on a weight loss program. Half the group recorded their … Read More

When I studied Psychology many people believed that mood disorders like depression and anxiety were caused by early childhood trauma and our best hope of a cure was years on the therapist’s couch. Yet the latest studies show that there maybe a quicker cure.

It’s true, negative … Read More


What does the narcissist say when he’s finished speaking? Now it’s your turn to speak … about me. When Narcissus saw his reflection in a stream he was so enamored he fell in and drowned.

Like all personality traits we all have … Read More


So you want to motivate your kids to read. What do you do? Give them a gold star after they’ve read for ten minutes or give them – nothing. You would think it would be the gold star. What get’s … Read More




Lying takes mental effort. It’s harder to remember made up facts than real ones. According to University of Texas researchers that can give you four clues to tell if someone is lying.

Faulty memory. When Bill Clinton was asked about … Read More

In 1979 researchers asked Harvard MBA graduates about their goals. 84% had no specific goals, 13% had goals but they weren’t committed to paper. Just 3% had clear, written goals with plans to achieve them. In 1989, the reviewers interviewed them again and found that the 3% who … Read More


I’m an international speaker and author so why am I going into the plumbing business? I barely know the difference between a pump and a sump and, call me pernickety, but I like to stay away from sewage, but if you had been through what I have you’d … Read More
Transcript of Video
Scared of dying in a terrorist attack or accident? Actually the world’s leading cause of death is high blood pressure. One in seven people have it and almost half won’t know until they’re hit by a heart attack or stroke – like my dad who seemed fit and … Read More

I had this girlfriend that I wasn’t entirely smitten with, until, she dumped me. Suddenly, she was the love of my life. Turns out we humans value what we lose even more than what we gain. Applying that insight could triple your chances … Read More


Does happiness make you smarter? Take something that requires serious brainpower with life or death consequences. Medical diagnosis. Cornel university psychologists gave a bag of candy to half a group of doctors. Even doctors aren’t immune to the charms of a little token of appreciation. With their emotional state … Read More


To Nelson Mandela I was a stranger. That’s what made my meeting with him so extraordinary. A client invited me to attend a presentation he was giving in Johannesburg. When the formalities were over Madiba walked into the audience and began … Read More

Read Transcript 

My grandmother is 92, she’s a little deaf and frail. I hate to admit this but the idea of visiting her sometimes feels like a bit of a schlepp. It takes me out of my workday, out of my personal … Read More


Compliments are important, right? I can go at least a month on a good compliment, okay, maybe a day. Compliments build self-esteem and confidence. But, there is a “But”. See experiments show that if you compliment someone in the wrong way … Read More


Yale’s Dr. Amy Wrzesniewski of has found that you can see your work in one of three ways. At it’s lowest level it’s just a job. You do it for the money. When I backpacked around the world I had many … Read More


Have you ever wondered why 70% of people say they hate what they do do? Only 5% of people will retire financially independent? Over 60% are overweight or obese? Or why around half of all marriages will end in divorce?… Read More


I was a depressed kid and so when I was eleven I decided to end it all. Don’t worry I didn’t do it. As I grew older I realized that happiness was not an inborn trait it … Read More

When I studied Psychology the focus was on repairing broken minds rather than unlocking growth and potential. We had a whole textbook called Psychopathology on the diseases of the mind. One of the chapters was on PTSD: Post Traumatic Stress … Read More

“The reason why we get ourselves into trouble is that we spend what we don’t have to buy what we don’t’ need, to impress people we don’t even like.” – Don Watney
My first job was delivering newspapers … Read More

I went partying on Saturday night. I wasn’t really in the mood. I was feeling a bit flat and self-conscious. Until the drugs kicked in. Caffeine and alcohol. Red Bull and Vodka. Suddenly I was in the zone, brimming with confidence, bubbling with vitality, speaking … Read More

My mother is a bit of a health nut. When we were growing up we weren’t allowed sugar. Except at parties. I’d generally treat those like a Roman orgy. I’d eat until I vomited and if no one was looking I’d start again. … Read More

“History is fast becoming Herstory.”
Justin Cohen

As we celebrate women’s day this month in South Africa I found myself wondering what all the fuss was about. Women aren’t another species, like the … Read More

Transcript of video

When I was a kid I heard about the power of visualization. What I wanted more than anything was a tape-to-tape cassette recorder So I visualized it until I was blue in the face.  And then it magically appeared. … Read More


Can you catch obesity? (Transcript)

I remember the first time I saw a friend wearing skinny jeans. To be honest I thought they were ridiculous. And yet within a few years I had caught the skinny jeans virus. Many of us catch … Read More

I have a confession. I’ve been teaching and practicing positivity for fifteen years but sometimes I feel like a grumpy fart has taken residence in my head. You know that grouch in your head that’s always griping about something? And so this week … Read More

Can’t watch videos at the office, read the transcript below.

The Human Experiment: Episode 2 – Predict If You Will Divorce

Imagine there was a test that could predict if you were going to get divorced. There is and it’s 94% … Read More


Can’t watch the video? Read the transcript below:

The Human Experiment: Episode 1

Imagine you won the lottery! Happy? Actually if you’re like most people, six months after your win, you’re no happier than … Read More

Every week on The human experiment I share a brilliant scientific study that could change your life. You’ve won the lottery! Happy? Actually if you’re like most people, months after your win, you’re no happier than you were before. Yet a University of California study … Read More

In 1979 researchers asked Harvard MBA graduates about their goals. 84% had no specific goals, 13% had goals but they weren’t committed to paper. Just 3% had clear, written goals with plans to achieve them. In 1989, the reviewers interviewed them again and found that the 3% who … Read More

“Stories are the single most powerful weapon in a leader’s arsenal.” ―Howard Gardner, Harvard University
For many years I have been extolling the power of story. I even wrote a book on the subject: The Astonishing Power … Read More

“A nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens, but it’s lowest ones”
Nelson Mandela
While I have a minor public profile in South Africa, to Nelson Mandela I was a stranger, that’s … Read More

“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.”
Simon Sinek

Earlier this year I presented at 18 conventions around Southern Africa for PEP– the largest single brand retailer in Africa. I’m sure this … Read More

Nearly 500 million eBooks were sold last year. They’re cheaper, faster and easier to read then paper books. I’ve decided to only release my latest book as an eBook. It’s the follow up to my last book Quest, Inc. and it’s on special for only $2.99, (about R30). In fact, … Read More

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

When I talk to leaders about what differentiates their organizations the thing I hear most often is service. It reminds me of something Margaret Thatcher once said: “If you have to tell people you’re … Read More

When I was at school we were taught that there were three keys to success: IQ, qualifications and work experience. Now we know that these might get you through the door but they won’t take you up the ladder. They’re not even always necessary to get you through … Read More

I was recently invited to present my keynote presentation – What’s your story? –  at the IBM global entrepreneur of the year awards in Cape Town. The winner of the African leg of the contest was a telecoms startup called Mode…. Read More

“Everyone lives by selling something.”
Robert Louis Stevenson 

I know, it sounds like one of those huckster claims from a snake oil salesman but judge for yourself: A study at Wharton Business school shows that listening to certain kinds … Read More

A few years ago, Oscar Pistorius and I spoke at the same conference in Cape Town. At just 23, I found him warm, down to earth and wise beyond his years. One of the reasons I haven’t been able to get this incident out of my head is not because … Read More

Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.”
Vincent Van Gogh

 At 12am, 1st January 2013, in a bout of alcohol induced euphoria you may have resolved to turn your life around. Perhaps today you find that you did – 360°, right back … Read More

“Some people are so poor all they have is money.”Anonymous

Yesterday was Thanksgiving in the United States. What a great reason for a holiday, but if you really want to raise your life satisfaction, every day … Read More

3Talk, SABC 3’s top-rated TV talk show will be doing a one hour special on Justin Cohen and his books on Tuesday, the 13th of November at 4.30pm. If you’re looking for inspiration, a way to achieve your goals or raise your happiness, don’t miss it! Then on … Read More

To launch my new author page on Facebook I’m giving away multiple copies of both Quest, Inc. and all seven CD’s in my Life Coach Audiobook series! To enter all you need to do is like the new Facebook page. Click here to enter:
a … Read More

“Timid salesmen have skinny kids.”
-Zig Ziglar
I often hear people say, “I’m just not a salesman.” The truth is that the moment we get out the womb and start crying we’re selling our mother silence in exchange for some milk and soothing. A sale is simply an exchange. Success as … Read More

I was in Colorado the week James Holmes walked into an Aurora movie theatre, showing The Dark Night Rises and allegedly murdered 12 and injured 58 people with an assault rifle. With hair dyed red he apparently modeled himself on … Read More


I jetted into New York last week just in time for Independence Day. Presidential elections are four months away and the press has been filled with handwringing articles about America’s place in the world. With China catching up to the world’s biggest economy and critical indicators like exports, education and health in … Read More

We have the art of storytelling in order not to die of life.”

In One thousand and one nights the narrator, Scheherazade, is about to be killed by the king of Persia. That’s what he’s done to all his previous wives—a thousand to be exact. Like most villains deep … Read More

“What is life without a quest?”
Over the past few weeks you’ve heard alot about Quest, Inc. So what’s it really about?  Watch this trailer to find out, (it’s only a minute and a half long.)

Quest. Inc. Book Trailer… Read More


Whenever I do a 3Talk TV interview on racism I seem to act as a magnet for white supremacists who email to regale me of the innate inferiority of black people. They seem to forget that I am a Jew … Read More

“A sale is not something you pursue; it is something that happens to you while you are immersed in serving your customer. ”
We all know about the importance of service what we may not realize is that service benefits the server even more than the served. Watch this short … Read More

 “Can you buy a new life?”
Quest, Inc.
In this week’s edition:
1)    Are personal development programs a waste of money?
2)    Speaker boot camp 2/3 June in JHB with Frank Furness
3)    My brilliant web designer
Can you buy a new life?
Over ten billion … Read More

Many people fail in life, not for lack of ability or brains or even courage but simply because they have never organized their energies around a goal.
Elbert Hubbard


In this week’s edition:
1)    What’s your quest? (And how having a goal gives you a natural cocaine high)
2)    … Read More

Your story gives birth to your destiny. When you change your story about your life you can radically change the results you get. What we need to realise is that our story is not reality, it is just an interpretation. Take a look at how a new story can create … Read More


‘Work.’ The word sounds with a sickening thud. It has a dark, dirty connotation even greater than that other four-letter word. You don’t have to be a coal-miner to wonder whether sixteen hours of eating, sleeping and what ever other scant compensation you can find, are worth eight hours of … Read More

“Who is rich? He who rejoices in his lot.”
The Psalms

1) How gratitude can boost your health, wealth and happiness

2) 3Talk TV interview

3) Corporate feedback

As we approach the end of the year, in a tough economy, it’s easy to focus on what we don’t have. Yet paradoxically, focussing on what … Read More

A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could.
~ Unknown

In this week’s edition:   


  1)    Why the man who broke the four-minute mile wasn’t the real hero.                                      


                  2) BigLittleStory video: the power of mentorship


         3) My mentor Bob Burg interviews one of … Read More

Approximately 80% of all buying decisions are made after hearing a story from a satisfied customer. Your profitability depends on the stories that your customers tell about you.


Hey, did I tell you about this hotel I stayed in when I was last in Cape Town? It’s called ‘Extreme Hotel’ everything … Read More

“You can change an organisation one story at a time.”

The greatest tool in a leader’s arsenal is a good story.
Prof Howard Gardener, Harvard University

Many organisations are good at recognising success, just not replicating it. The key is imitation. The most powerful … Read More

Think you go out shopping for products and services? In fact what you really shop for are stories. As for those in marketing and selling, you better make sure you know what story you’re selling.
What do a Porsche Cayenne and a VW Touareg have in common? Well let’s see, they … Read More

 The most primitive way to try to look good is to make someone else look bad.

Justin Cohen

Let’s be honest most of us get a perverse satisfaction out of talking behind people’s backs. It makes us feel better about ourselves. But not only do we destroy their reputation (the most valuable … Read More

Ever tried to sell, persuade or teach and noticed your audience’s eyes glazing over? Perhaps you were in the audience and the presenter had just clicked on to the fortieth slide, you know the one I mean, the one with about twelve bullet points and a triple bar graph that … Read More

You know those kids at school who didn’t have to work and got an A+, well I was the kid who had to work really hard for my D-. In our school if you weren’t good academically you had one other way to redeem yourself: sport. Unfortunately I had the … Read More

Earlier this year I started to feel business slip and then I saw that word in the papers – RECESSION! Looking at my mortgage payment I took in a deep breath and thought about two restaurant owners, John and Bill. John goes to a hospitality conference. Bill can’t make it. … Read More

Death inspires the quest.

Justin Cohen



1) The death of Steve Jobs.


   2) How copper could save your life.

  The death of Steve Jobs

A few weeks ago Apple briefly became the world’s most valuable company. It continues to be one of the most loved. Macs, Iphones, Ipods, and Ipads may not have changed … Read More

One person with passion is better than forty people merely interested.

E. M. Forster

We talk a lot about passion in the corporate world. If you want to get ahead you’ve got to be passionate. But assuming we’re not talking about more office romance, what does that really mean? The word passion … Read More

Life is a series of problems:  you are in one now, you’re just coming out of one, or you’re getting ready to go into another one.

Rick Warren


In this week’s edition:


        1) Love your problems


       2) Interview on 3Talk about my book: The Astonishing Power of story     


       3) Feedback from Adcock … Read More


You’ve heard it before, change is inevitable – except from a vending machine! What isn’t inevitable is whether we lead change, or change leads us. Charles Darwin didn’t say the strongest or fittest of the species will survive, he said those who most responsive to change will survive. I say … Read More

So you want to know how I am? Well that old rugby injury feels like I’ve been stabbed with a panga, I’m sure my boss is Adolf Hitler’s granddaughter, my immigration papers for Australia have been rejected and I’m stuck here in the hellhole they call South Africa. The truth … Read More

The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.

Nelson Henderson

This week show cases a beautiful BigLittleStory about a true hero saving the planet while he saves his company millions.


Piet Burger works at Tiger Brands, South Africa’s largest packaged consumer goods company. … Read More

There seems to be an assumption that as a Jew one can’t respect Islam or that as a Muslim one can’t respect Judaism. This is ludicrous because in fact Judaism and Islam are closer than any other two religions. Not only are they monotheistic and share a single father, Abraham, … Read More

Whenever I ask my workshop delegates who has goals, most people put up their hands. Then I ask ‘who has written, regularly reviewed goals that you’ve broken into sub goals with time-frames?’ Usually less than 5% of the group can put up their hands to that. Yet research shows that … Read More

Honest criticism is hard to take, particularly from a relative, a friend, an acquaintance, or a stranger.

Franklin Jones


In this week’s edition:


1) They hate me. Why that’s good.


2) Feedback from the CEO of Sure Travel

They hate me. Why that’s good

I’m a people pleaser, there I said it. I want to be … Read More

“Before this happened to me there were 10 000 things I could do. Now there are 9000. I could spend the rest of my life dwelling on the 1000 that I lost, but I choose to focus on the 9000 that are left.” – W. Mitchell, paralyzed, disfigured, inspired.


1) The … Read More

Just because the world is in a recession doesn’t mean you have to be

Justin Cohen

We think of the market as ordered and rational yet it is largely driven by sentiment. Low confidence drives the economy down, it also drives us to inaction.


Believe you’re in recession and you become demotivated to … Read More

In this week’s edition:


1) Why I’m thinking of a having a sex change operation.


2) Feedback from Transnet, AVI and Bullbrand


As we celebrated women’s day this month in South Africa, I found myself wondering what all the fuss was about. Women aren’t another species, … Read More

Do you want to predict your future health, wealth and happiness? Simple. Look at your habits.

Justin Cohen


In this week’s edition:


1) Inspirational Big Little Story video


2) The ultimate success tool.


3) Extract from ‘The Power of Positive Habits’


4) Feedback about ‘The Psychology of Success’ from Shell Oil Company


Most companies have a list … Read More

Two people each invest R100,000 in a business venture, the business goes belly up and they lose everything. The one thinks: ‘I’m an idiot, I got screwed, my life is over.’ The other thinks: ‘What can I learn from this?, How can I make sure my next business succeeds?’. Spot … Read More

Traditionally it was thought that there were three key prerequisites for success: IQ, qualifications and work experience. Decades of research has shown that neither of these is essential. These factors might get you through the door but they won’t take you up the ladder. They are not always necessary to … Read More


In my presentations and seminars I like to ask people to define success. Money, status and a date with their favourite supermodel always feature near the top of the list. Then I get the kill-joys ‘No’, they say, ‘success is family, health, or love.’ So imagine you had all of … Read More

Life coaching has probably been around since that first cave woman smacked those poison berries out of her son’s hand. Certainly Socrates, Moses and Jesus were all master coaches. Things started to get a little more formalised with the beginnings of a life coaching industry in the US in the … Read More

Sometimes you should quit.

Seth Godin


In this week’s edition:


1) Why sometimes it’s good to quit.


2) Video: Justin talks about how to use the power of story to raise your event to the next level.


3) Feedback from SABMiller, and Incolabs


4) Article: “What’s your story?”


Vince Lombardi is famous for saying: “Winners … Read More

A positive attitude won’t solve every problem, but it’s a lot more fun than trying to solve it with a negative attitude.

Justin Cohen


In this week’s edition:


1) The full Life Coach Audio Book System now available as a download.


2) Feedback from HP and Nature’s Choice


3) From the archives: How a drop-out … Read More

In answer to how elections are won in the USA, Bill Clinton famously answered: ‘It’s the economy, stupid’. Actually the secret to winning in politics, business and life in general is through building strong relationships.


I had a television show where I interviewed Dr John Maxwell a leadership consultant to George … Read More

Either you’re going to tell stories that spread, or you will become irrelevant.

Seth Godin

Catch me on 3Talk this Wednesday night on SABC3, we’ll be doing what humans always do when they get together – sharing stories.


If you’re in business your success depends on the stories your customers tell about you. … Read More

The greatest education in the world is watching the masters at work.

Michael Jackson

I’ve just finished a biography on Michael Jackson, say what you will about the man, he will go down in history as one of the greatest entertainers of all time. Was it just innate talent? Seems not. Rather, … Read More

The destiny of the world is determined by the stories it loves and believes in.

Harold Goddard

In 1988 when the minister of education was a man called FW De Klerk at school we were openly taught that whites were better than blacks and should be separated. After suggesting otherwise one of … Read More

The success of your business depends on the stories your customers tell about you.

Justin Cohen

What do a Porsche Cayenne and a VW Toureg have in common? Well let’s see, they have the same chassis, similar shape, engine, many of thesame components, they’re built from the same blue print in the … Read More

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.”

-Sir Winston Churchill

I happened to have the opportunity to meet Franz Marx, the creator of Egoli. I am always intrigued about what makes people successful. I asked Franz to tell … Read More

 A man must sit with his mouth open for a very long time before a roast chicken flies into it.

Chinese Proverb

Your life is the consequence of the actions you take. Of course your actions don’t always produce the result you want. Sometimes it’s just not meant to be. But most … Read More

Resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.


One of the great tests of life is how we deal with those who trespass against us. Do we descend into a toxic pit of bitterness and resentment or do we choose something else?


Ultimately you are the master of … Read More

No one can hurt me – that’s my job.

Byron Katie

Who can go through a week without encountering some discourtesy or disrespect?


Whether it’s an unreturned phone call, a broken promise or a rude remark, remember that what someone else does is not our choice, how we feel is. You cannot feel … Read More

You can accomplish anything in life, provided you do not mind who gets the credit.

Harry Truman


In his research for his best-selling book, ‘Good to Great’, Jim Collins found only 11 companies that made the leap from good to great results and sustained these results for at least 15 years. One … Read More

It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.

Sir Edmund Hillary

As a conference speaker some of my colleagues have climbed Mount Everest. I have begun to see their journey as a metaphor for us all. If Everest was a walk-in-the-park no one would bother. It’s because it’s such an awe-inspiring … Read More

You communicate, you communicate and then you communicate some more. Consistency, simplicity, and repetition is what it’s all about.

Jack Welch

When Jack Welch, voted Manager of the Century, said those words, he was talking about what makes effective leadership. To get and keep everyone on the same page, you need continuous … Read More

 A man must sit with his mouth open for a very long time before a roast chicken flies into it.

Chinese Proverb

Your life is the consequence of the actions you take. Of course your actions don’t always produce the result you want.


Sometimes it’s just not meant to be. But most of … Read More

It’s the state of your heart that makes you smart.


Treating others with love and respect may be the most intelligent action we can take. Not only does it contribute to world peace it is the route to inner peace. Disregarding, disrespecting, ‘dissing’ others in any way is just plain dumb.  … Read More

Yesterday is not ours to recover but tomorrow is ours to win or to lose.

Lyndon Johnson

While you’ve got to have a plan, life doesn’t always stick to it. Even when life delivers, we may mess it up. I’ve got two words for you:


move on! Yes, its important to learn from … Read More

My life changed when I realized a man would risk his life for a blue ribbon.


A study set out to find the number one reason that a person would decide they no longer wanted to work in a company. I got to admit I thought the reason would be money. … Read More

In the beginning there was the word


During this year’s American Presidential primary, the Clinton Campaign charged that Barak Obama’s candidacy was based on just eloquent words. This is how he responded:

“… ‘I have a dream!’ Just words. ‘We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created … Read More

When written in Chinese the word crisis is composed of two characters. One represents danger, the other represents opportunity.

John F Kennedy

One thing that always used to puzzle me is how we as human beings could allow ourselves to regress into deeper and deeper states of dilapidation without doing anything about … Read More

To most people listening means waiting for their turn to speak.


Justin Cohen 

One of the most powerful ways to tell someone how much you appreciate them is not to tell them but instead to listen, really listen. People love the sound of their own voice, when you listen with appreciative interest … Read More

Many know, few do.

Justin Cohen

Having been on the corporate speaking circuit for nearly ten years, I remain ever grateful for the opportunities I get to enlighten and inspire.  What concerns me is how much easier it is to know than to act – both for my audiences and for myself.


Sometimes … Read More

The destiny of the world is determined by the stories it loves and believes in.

Harold Goddard

In 1988 when the minister of education was a man called FW De Klerk at school we were openly taught that whites were better than blacks and should be separated. After suggesting otherwise one of … Read More

 Vision is the audacity to see the invisible.

Justin Cohen

Every great accomplishment begins as an idea in the mind. Marvel, revel, indulge your fantasies. Ask yourself, what is my ideal life?


If I could have or be anything what would it be? You may not get it exactly as you envisage it … Read More

 “Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”

Ralph Waldo Emmerson

Of course there is much we can learn from following the paths that others have trod but true leadership demands that we create our own. It takes courage to cut … Read More

 “The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.”

Theodore Roosevelt

The royal road to our greatest dreams is lined by people, how we deal with those people will determine whether we get to our destination or not. The ‘self-made-man’ is a myth, … Read More

“Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”

Ralph Waldo Emmerson

I am currently in the UK on multiple conferences for the Academy for Chief Executives. Once a month CEO’s and MD’s take time out of the office to attend a … Read More